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Tall Japanese Love Doll Kitty

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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Name: Kitty

Age: 19

Height: 5 ft. 6 in. / 165 cm

Weight: 83 lbs / 38 KG

Breast/Waist/Hip: 35/25/33 in                     88/63/84 cm 


Big boobs sex doll Kitty's real-life prototype is a Japanese and British hybrid. She was born in England, and returned to Japan to attend an art university after graduating from high school. Kitty has been very independent since she went to high school. After she went to university, she also insisted on working for her own tuition and living expenses. Kitty does a lot of part-time jobs. There's one job Kitty likes best. It's called nyotaimori. It is to use girls' naked body to serve guests for food. This is an nude art in Japan and has a history for more than 1000 years. Because Kitty's parents are artists, she has been well influenced by her parents since she was a child. Kitty learned painting as a child. She was used to be a nude mannequins when she was a high school student. She was delighted to learn about this particularly artistic job. The girl who does this job in Japan must be a virgin. Kitty is very glad that she is still a virgin, and she is fully qualified.

When Kitty recalls the first time she was naked to serve customers' meal, it was like it was happened yesterday. Although she had enough practice before that night, Kitty was still nervous when she was about to work. But she soon calmed herself down and started to follow the strict body purification procedures per the requirements. After the preparation project is completed, Kitty comes to the dining room.

Kitty lies down in the middle of the room with her hair fanned out and petaled in a set pose. Guests enter the room in traditional bathrobes, and a helper brings a large plate of sushi. She places sushi on Kitty's naked boy skillfully and quickly. After all guests sat down, they began to look at Kitty's body carefully. They praised her beautiful big breasts, which was the most beautiful shape they had ever seen. The butt is also very nice. The guests started eating the food on Kitty's body, someone suddenly proposed to see Kitty's covered vagina and nipples. Kitty was nervous and very shy. However, She was trained and professional. Kitty did say anything when guests take the cover away. Men began to praise Kitty's beautiful nipples and vagina. Kitty was very happy. This makes her more confident in her body. Of course, sometimes kitty will meet some guests who are not good and say something really bad. At those moments, she could only bear the unpleasant words, and she would not speak any words or move. Because the basic principle of this nyotaimori service is complete obedience to customers. But overall, Kitty likes this job. Because in her opinion, she shows her beauty in this form of art.

Our high quality craftsmanship and sexually functioning pretty sex doll Kitty has the same body dimension as above nyotaimori girl Kitty. She is also a virgin and she will be very delighted to serve you well in the sex that she's good at. You're worth it.


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