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Tall Sex Doll Raven | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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The real-life prototype of this tall sexy lady doll is a retired American Navy woman. Raven is a pretty girl since childhood. When she was a junior high school student, Raven dreamed of becoming a model. But when she was in high school, Raven was abandoned by her mother and left on the streets of Los Angeles. During that time, Raven was very desperate. She had no hope for the future. Every day, she had to think about where to sleep tonight and where is her next lunch. Thanks to the government's shelters and government subsidies, she grew up and completed high school finally. Raven missed so many classes in high school that she couldn't get into college. At 18, she chose to join the U.S. Navy to change her fate. Because you can go to college for free in the army. Raven got an undergraduate degree in business management in the military school.

After her retirement, she became a successful businesswoman through her own efforts. She is also trying to find ways to give back to society and the army where she got help when she was abandoned. In her spare time, Raven also takes time to be a graphic model because she never forgot her dream. Raven has more than 40000 fans on Instagram, and sometimes she helps veterans to promote their products on Instagram.

One day, Raven saw a famous magazine holding a cover girl contest. She wanted to participate, but she was worried because she was already a mother who has two daughters to look after. She was afraid no one will vote for a housewife. But she still insisted on participating, and she felt that the veterans would certainly give her support. And Raven promised to public that she is going to give the prize money to the foundation that built the shelter. Although the prize is not enough to build many homes, she hopes it will make a voice and let the community know that there are many abandoned people in the world who need to be cared for. At the same time, let those people who have been abandoned do not lose hope for life, this society has places for them to live and go to school.

Finally, Raven won the competition. She also donated all her prize money to the foundation, as she had promised to the society. At the same time, Raven realized her dream of modeling. A lot of people like this retired servicewoman who has long blonde hair and good figure. Raven's experience also inspired a lot of people.

The female sex doll Raven is carved and shaped by our highly skilled sculptor based on the above retired American Navy woman. Beautiful beauty girl sex doll Raven has good body shape, charming smile face and the temperament of a female soldier. If you have a military complex, blonde love doll Raven will meet your needs. If you don't, adult sex toys Raven will bring you a different fun, a thrilling pleasure you can't expect. Send for her today.


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