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Sex Doll Mona | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

fragrance blog

Tall Swedish Sex Doll Mona

Hi my name is Mona, I'm an advanced realistic tall Swedish sex doll model and ski racer looking for her man. In order to keep her body slim and fit Mona completes in the giant slalom for women, she loves the outdoors and having fun in the snow. As a model she often gets to mix the two. She is hopefully her one and only special man will send for her soon.

Our hot sexy doll Mona who loves to wear gym clothes and tight shorts in winter. Life-size sex doll Mona's thick hat and thick gloves don't make her lose her sexuality. Our realistic sex doll Mona's wheat skin looks so healthy, the golden hair cascades down the shoulders, and her face is slightly reddish. Adult doll Mona's thick lips have been unable to hide her desire to conquer men. Blonde Sex Doll Mona's moderate chest makes his body line more attractive. Sex Robot Mona's body is as hot as the devil with long blond hair, and the slender thighs wear a pair of red ultra short fitness pants, which shows the perfect figure. The tight vagina in the red fitness pants is ready to emerge, which makes people unable to resist the hot sexual love. Buy sex dolls for singles, our Sex doll for men, Buy our Sex dolls for couples. This Best Selling Tall sex doll Mona is your best choice. She will satisfy all your fantasies about your sex partner. You can release all your male needs in our Blonde sexy love doll Mona.


               When Beauty,Quality, & Value Matters!


    1 comment

    • my order got here fairly quickly, even given the virus in effect. I was very impressed by the quality of the products, top notch. Shipment arrived with no damage whats so ever, my doll wes very well packed. The feet were very well wrapped and protected. I am Very Pleased. Mona is really amazing. I love her.

      Adrien Bartels on

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