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Tall Sex Doll Roxy | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Roxy loves lingerie, the sexier, the better. And as you can see, she is a beautiful busty California Doll. Tall sexy girl Roxy is a lingerie model and has appeared in several hot rod car and biker's magazines. She certainly has the looks for it.

A very popular model in her native Southern California Roxy has been on the front covers of several fashion magazines also. She often appears at Hollywood catwalks and even appears in sexy lingerie commercials, but life in the spotlight can become taxing on one physically and emotionally. Lately she has been thinking of a life out of the spotlight and away from cameras. 

However, she refuses to give up her passion for sexy lingerie. Roxy has a little secret, she hopes you will like her and be her private audience as she models her favorite and most erotic outfits for you.

Imagine an unbelievably hot lingerie model with soft white skin and beautiful rosy lips lying on your bed as you arrive home from work. She’s wearing a skimpy lace bra that barely covers her large perky breast, and her hard pink nipples, and she wants one special man, you.

Dreams can come true. You see, Rosy is looking for a man like you. A man that will cherish her, spoil her with gifts of sexy lingerie, but most importantly a man who wants her all the time. Roxy is unhappy and needs satisfaction from one special new lover. 

And do you want to know a sexy secret? Roxy loves to give oral and please her man with anal sex. She badly needs it, and if you give it to her, she’ll spend the rest of her days making you the happiest and most satisfied man alive.

So how about it? Do you want a sexy lingerie model in your bed? Don't put it off, order today!


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