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Technology and Sexual Needs.

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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Technology and sexual needs have found common ground. Technology does make our lives easier in the 21st Century, and that is why sex is becoming more technological – especially for the single men and women. There are more sex toys on the market today than there were previously, as new sex technology is on the rise for men and women to have sex with a standard sex dolls or artificially intelligent androids. As odd as it may seem, an antisocial person who works from home, orders food and supplies online, and has no wife or husband will find their sexual needs met by a modern sex doll or the upcoming artificially intelligent androids.

Sex androids are still in early development but California Dolls™ is leading this new industry. These different sex robots are fully adaptable according to the preferences of the customer. The ability to purchase a premium sex doll or sex android offers convenience for people who may not want a relationship, but want to have sex. Technology makes everything more convenient, so why not also tap into sexual convenience?

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