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Teenage Sex Doll Fawn | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Fawn also works as a lingerie photo model for magazines and websites. Her specialty is sexy sheer panties that comes in many colors and designs. She especially likes modeling lingerie fringed with delicate fur and lace. She models many of her own designs, and she will certainly give you a personal exhibition, bring her sexiest pair, when you send for her.

Fawn promises that on your first night together she will dress in the most arousing lingerie you have ever seen, and you’ll get so excited, you will be tearing them right off my body with your anxious hands. Teenage sex doll Fawn states. “Until our today comes, I promise I am keeping myself decent. But don’t make me wait too long. I may be young, but I am ready to pleasure my one special man!"


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