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Teen Love Doll Lauren | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Gorgeous Lauren likes to turn heads. Her long blonde hair, irresistible youthful face, long sexy legs, and outstanding curvy body is a heart stopper. A great lasting impression is always left to all that are lucky enough to meet her. If you win her admiration and Lauren chooses you out of her admirers, know everyone in the club is going to be green with jealously.

Tonight is your lucky night, teen love doll Lauren is checking you out, and she’s smiling. It must have been that shirtless workout at the guy, it is always impressive, and no woman can resist it. You invite her to a local club and after drinks, she invites you to her apartment.

Now’s your chance to show off your best moves. Teen love doll Lauren is a tall and sexy supermodel M-TPE sex doll, with durable, soft, and smooth skin that feels just like a real youthful lady She is built just for you and your deepest sexy desires.Lauren loves pleasing her special man. She has a flexible metal internal skeleton that lets her move and be positioned in every sexy and erotic orientation that you can think of. She has everything you need to be completely satisfied. Be prepared  you’re going to need all your enduring energy, strength, and resilience tonight!


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