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Teen Love Doll Vicky | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Vicky is one of most popular life-size, lifelike brunette teen love dolls. A superior quality sex doll for men, her realistic youthful features are visually pleasing and sexually exciting. This beautiful designer doll is made from advanced materials and has a full stainless steel metal skeleton. Her unique construction allows a wide rage of motion and numerous positions.

Anatomically built like a real woman, her head rotates 45 degrees. Vicky's arms can rise about 60 degrees forward above the body. She can lay down or sit down since the waist is bendable and flexible as well. Vicky's legs can be separated by 170 degrees, she can also stand on her bent knees. 

Three pleasure holes are available for your complete sexual sanctification. Vicky's perfectly soft smooth skin in possible by using premium food grade TPE. Beautiful hand crafted body parts include long fingers and toes, firm nipples, sensual genital lips, and a gorgeous face.


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