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Teen Sex Doll Mandy | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Name: Mandy   

Age: 19   

Height: 5 ft. 2 in. / 158cm 

Weight: 60lbs / 27KG   

Breast/Waist/Hip: 31/23/28in    76/58/70cm 


In many legends or fairy tales, fairies are described as very beautiful young girl. Many people think fairies are the embodiment of perfection. Although no one has ever seen the beauty of fairies, becoming fairies has become a yearning for perfection.

Mandy is a beautiful ballet dancer. She has great dancing talent. When Mandy was 13 years old, her teacher told her that if she could dance well, she would become one of the best ballet dancer in the world. However, Mandy is far less demanding of dancing than of her appearance. Mandy's teacher told her that the soul of a good dancer is the charm of the dance itself. However, Mandy believes that a good ballet dancer should not only dance well, but also have a very attractive appearance. So, every time before she goes on stage, Small Boobs sex doll Mandy usually spends twice as much time on makeup as the other actors.

Teen Sex Doll Mandy often asks her partner, do you think I'm beautiful? Her partner nods and says, yes, Mandy, you're as beautiful as a fairy. TPE realistic doll Mandy likes this kind of praise very much, because her childhood wish is to be as beautiful as a fairy, although she does not know how beautiful the fairy is. So Mandy's standard is to make herself look perfect all the time. Even when he was resting at home, Mandy put on beautiful clothes, beautiful shoes and is with fine make-up.

She will not allow herself in a mess only for a second. She wants to keep beautiful all the time and also keep her body fit. For this reason, Ultra lifelike doll Mandy does a lot of exercise when she rests. In terms of diet, Mandy also pays great attention to control. Because of Mandy's strict demands on herself, she has the perfect figure and beautiful appearance as we see today.

Do you see 158cm sex doll Mandy's attractive little buttocks, don't you want to buy our very beautiful young girl doll Mandy home and let her accompany you when you are lonely?



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  • Very nice face! I just love her! Soft and silky. Really nice feel. I couldnt be happier. Thank you California Doll.

    Randy on

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