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Teenage Sex Doll Gia

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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One of the sexiest lifelike life-size sex dolls you have ever seen; teenage sex doll Gia is absolutely stunning with her sexy lips and not so innocent “I want it now” look. Her body is gorgeous with the perfect hourglass figure and ultra-modern life-like features. Wouldn’t you like to have your way with such a pretty, 18-year-old hell cat, with her long brunette hair, flawless full-body tan, and tight, fit body?

Don’t miss out on this hot sweetheart, you can put your hands all over this perfect, silky smooth and realistic TPE teenage sex doll. She feels astonishingly life-like, her skin feels velvety soft and deliciously squeezable.  You’ll want to touch, caress, and kiss her all over. Gia has an articulating internal skeleton, which allows her to pose in all kinds of fun and sexy positions. Let your imagination go wild! She might be a doll, but she’s completely anatomically correct. Care to discover more? Send for Gia today!


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