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The best sex doll for Christmas

Posted by Jorge Daniel Tapia Sidas on

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sex doll for Christmas

When it comes to Christmas gifts that keep on giving, a sex doll from California Dolls is definitely high up there on the list of perfect gifts. Whether you choose to gift one to someone else or treat yourself to limitless pleasure all year long we have an impressive roster of sex dolls that will make 2021 an exceptional year.

A different kind of Christmas gift

While it’s definitely an unconventional gift, a sex doll is guaranteed to please. Their only goal is to pleasure their owner and provide companionship with zero complications so you can rest assured whoever you give this incredible gift will be happy for a long time to come. In fact, we’re willing to bet they’ll be talking about your gift for a very long time.

How to choose the perfect sex doll

With our extensive collection of sex dolls, it can be a little difficult to choose, but we’ve narrowed down a few things you should consider when choosing the perfect sex doll as a Christmas gift.

Hair Color

Does your giftee love redheads? Or are they more attracted to blondes? Or maybe they prefer brunettes. Whatever their preference you can improve your search by shopping by hair color.



A doll’s ethnicity is one of the easiest ways to narrow down the search. If you’re not sure which doll to choose, ethnicity is a great starting point to help you narrow down the options. Choose from Black, Asian, or White.

Bust Size

What’s a good sex doll without the right desirable pair of breasts? Choose the preferred breast size then filter your search based on that.

Why choose California Dolls

At California Dolls, all our dolls are made with our customers’ experience in mind. They’re made with superior materials and meant to look and feel like real partners, from the smoothness of their skin to the detail of their sex organs. And with multiple options for customization, you can rest assured every single doll is truly one of a kind.


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