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Why Men Love Sex Dolls

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Human sex dolls have become so realistic, they're almost indiscernible from human beings.

Some men would rather have sex with inanimate objects than real women, and as demand dictates, the industry and art of human sex dolls has expanded in the last decade. Sex dolls are so much better and more realistic that they're replacing dead wives and becoming surrogate girlfriends to men In other words, women's mouths, hands, breasts, legs, and buttocks are being molded, cloned, and sold to consumers who are advised that these things are better than real people. But is it a good idea to replace humans with dolls?

Having a sexual relationship with an inanimate object is similar to "fantasy play," limited only by the imagination. The importance of sexuality and intimacy for human beings cannot be overstated. After basic needs such as eating, drinking, and breathing, the drive to be sexual and connected to others may be considered the next most important.

While some may argue it's better to get that connection from someone who can think and talk to you, there are many psychological reasons an individual may be drawn to a sex doll, including: lack of access to others, shyness or social anxiety, inexperience and self-consciousness, or perhaps having a partner who is unwilling to participate in certain sexual preferences.

Sex and intimacy play important roles throughout the lifespan. Social isolation can be devastating to people's mental and physical health as they age. There is a benefit to human sex dolls for people that do not have access to life partners.

People that have lost their partners through death, divorce, or the breakup of a relationship, and people with disabilities that may not have easy access to other partners, will conceivably benefit from a sex doll. The opportunity for sexual expression and the sensation of not being alone could provide relief and mitigate feelings of isolation.

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