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Young Love Doll Carla | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Young adult sex dolls, this beauty is a bomb-shell sex doll, her youthful looks are charming and welcoming. Paired with a perky round breasts body, you will never get bored with this sexy girl. Imagine when you return home from work, this cutie is clearing up the mess.

She only has her little panties on, you sit back and watch her doing house chores, what a beautiful scene you see at home! Carla then realizes your return, serving you a cup of coffee, taking off your jacket, serving you like her Master. You are aware that she is probably the hottest servant in the world! 

Carla is a premium life size sex doll. She has detailed ball joint wrists, realistic vagina lips, and anus. Life-like skeleton allows her to pose like a human-being, not restricted to the typical upward-downward, leftward-rightward positions Improved quality TPE, she not only looks pretty in pictures but better in real-life! 


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