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Sex Dolls News | California Dolls™

Teenage Sex Doll Fawn

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

Fawn promises that on your first night together she will dress in the most arousing lingerie you have ever seen, and you’ll get so excited, you will be tearing them right off my body with your anxious hands.

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Young Love Doll Annette

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Naturally, her lovely round perky boobs and her long wavy blond hair can be memorizing. Several of Annette’s photos are close-ups, allowing a special appreciation of her find details, her eye-catching thin slim curvy body and other outstanding young lady features.

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American Sex Doll - Kerry

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Kerry is the American sex doll you’ve always wanted. Soft, smooth, perfect skin, beautiful eyes, an inviting mouth, and a sexy body to die for. Kerry is everything you’ve ever wanted in a young lady and a lot more.

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Curvy Sex Doll Katy | California Dolls™

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

If you like your women beautiful, young, and curvy, then you will love curvy sex doll Katy. She is one of our most beautiful full-figured dolls. When our craftsmen created Katy’s alluring body, they specialized in placing all the right curves in all the right places.

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Loving TPE Sex Doll Darcy

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Darcy turns head wherever she goes. Her long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, gorgeous face, and extravagant sexy body, allows TPE sex doll Darcy to always leave a lasting impression. If Darcy chooses you out of her many admirers, every man in the club is going to be resentful. However, tonight maybe your lucky night, because Darcy is walking your way, smiling and staring into your eyes.

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