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Tall Busty Doll Skye

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

A tall green-eyed brunette love doll, standing 5.7 ft, Skye, will grab your attention with one mesmerizing look and then hold you in her power forever after that with her succulent breast and irresistible sexy body. No playmate will ever seem good enough for you after you experience Skye.  Therefore, beware of this seductress before you decided to have her.

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Tall Tattoo Girl Roxy

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Imagine an unbelievably hot lingerie model with soft white skin and beautiful rosy lips lying on your bed as you arrive home from work. She’s wearing a skimpy lace bra that barely covers her large perky breast, and her hard pink nipples, and she wants one special man, you.

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Sexy Love Doll Heather

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

18-year-old sexy love doll Heather is a teenage sensation! Her skinny, shapely body, perky breasts, and smooth, blemish-free skin drive men crazy with passion and this exotic Southern California sweetheart knows how to use her beauty and charm to get the most tips at the upper scale restaurant she works as a hostess.

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Young Adult Love Doll Carla

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Carla is a premium life size young adult sex doll. She has detailed ball joint wrists, realistic vagina lips, and anus. Life-like skeleton allows her to pose like a human-being, not restricted to the typical upward-downward, leftward-rightward positions Improved quality TPE, she not only looks pretty in pictures but better in real-life! 

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Virgin Sex Doll Lacey

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

Born and bred in Austin, Texas virgin sex doll Lacey earned a MBA degree and presently lives in Los Angeles, California where she is employed by an international banking corporation. This American sex doll has everything you wish in a vibrant young lady; a beautiful face, long wavy brunette hair, a pair of generous perky breasts, small firm waist, and a fantastic tight butt.

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