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Thinking About A Sex Doll Purchase?

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

Purchasing a sex doll, especially your first, can be an unnerving experience. So many questions and considerations, where does a person turn for quality assistance in making the right choice. Hopefully, I can help with some informative buying strategies that can help ease the anxiety. First consideration to ask oneself, "What type of sex doll do I want and how much to spend?" This can be a difficult decision, who does not want a Ferrari at Volkswagen prices?  There is a great division in doll quality and pricing. Almost all sex dolls on the market today could be placed in one of four categories. Let's...

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Cheap Sex Dolls Under $999

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

The sex dolls marketed today come in all sizes and price ranges. California Dolls™ offers a collection of premium sex dolls under $999. These are high quality, unblemished, newly constructed models are beautiful, sexy, and a great value.  We never manufacture or market blow-ups, torsos, miniatures, or generics manufactured using low-quality materials. The most expensive sex dolls are the advanced androids often referred to as robotic sex dolls or AI sex dolls. These are becoming very popular with many customers, they take the growing sex doll phenomenal to the next level.  Today lets look at some top-quality premium sex dolls that sell for...

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A Happy Sex Doll Owner

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

I received a nice letter from a customer, a happy sex doll owner and with their permission I am reprinting selected excerpts.  Dan writes: Your doll Jennifer has been a life changer. I am so grateful I made the decision back in June to purchase her. Depression is a terrible thing and having Jennifer around has really helped me from completely giving up.  Because of an auto accident 4 years ago my life had been hell. The surgeries on my back and hip failed to correct the damage and I'm left physically disabled. Forced to use a cane or walker to get around I am unable to...

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Brunette Hot Sex Doll!

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

Like the real thing sex dolls come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Sales over the past few years indicate "men prefer blondes" however, brunette sex dolls are also very popular.

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How To Make A Sex Doll Last For Years.

Posted by Joseph Vera on

With a little proper care you can make a sex doll last for years! LUBRICANT Always use a water-based lubricant when sexually using the vaginal, anal and oral canals to prevent tearing of the skin. A petroleum based lubricant is not recommenced.  TPE SKIN CARE Do not leave your dolls arms or legs up or open for extended periods of time. If you leave your doll with her arms up or legs spread, the stress placed on the TPE may cause tearing. You may return to find your dolls underarms or the groin area has split apart, which then will require repair....

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