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The hottest realistic sex dolls on the market, when you purchase a California Dolls' sex doll you are assured of receiving the industries supreme looking and feeling sex doll.
Teenage sex doll places finger in vagina.
Teenage Sex Doll Gia
Regular price $1,397.00
Youthful sex doll with toned, fit body.
Sex Doll For Men Jessa
Regular price $1,599.00
Nude sex doll lays on back and everything exposed.
Life Size Doll Malory
Regular price $1,599.00
Teen Sex Dolls from California Dolls™
Teen Sex Dolls - Mandy
Regular price $1,999.00 Sale price $1,197.00 Sale
Sexy big boobs love doll from California Doll.
Huge Boobs Muscle Doll Rosie
Regular price $1,999.00
Love doll in sexy position while standing.
Sexy Maid Love Doll - Noori
Regular price $1,799.00
Redhead sex dolls from California Dolls™
Sexy Sex Doll - Tara
Regular price $1,995.00 Sale price $1,197.00 Sale
Full naked sex doll Jasmine leaned against the white bookcase full of books
Young Sexy Doll Jasmine
Regular price $1,999.00
Naked sex doll lying on bed
Detachable Sex Doll Cheyenne
Regular price $1,999.00
Beautiful black sex dolls from California dolls .
Erotic Sex Doll Black Terri
Regular price $1,999.00
Nude youthful body, tan boobs, small waist and vagina.
Brunette Sexy Doll Shelby
Regular price $1,999.00 Sale price $1,197.00 Sale
Cheerleader sex doll holding tom toms.
The Sex Doll Cheerleader - Kelsey
Regular price $1,899.00