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The hottest realistic sex dolls on the market, when you purchase a California Dolls' sex doll you are assured of receiving the industries supreme looking and feeling sex doll.
Large breast sex doll stands naked showing vagina.
Large Breast Robot Sex Doll Melinda
From $1,999.00
Blonde sex doll with beautifully shaped breast.
Blonde Fox Sex Doll Tiffany
Regular price $1,799.00
Sexy Chubby Sex Doll Cathy
Sexy Chubby Sex Doll Cathy
Regular price $2,399.00 Sale price $2,197.00 Sale
Big breasts sex doll Leaning against the wall.
Mature Big Ass Doll May
Regular price $1,999.00
Sex doll has extremely curvy and sexy chubby body.
Super BBW Sex Doll Kittie
Regular price $2,999.00
Mature face sex doll with hand covered her big breasts.
Chubby Mature Sex Doll Joyce
Regular price $1,999.00