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Black Sex Dolls

California Dolls maintains a large selection of black sex dolls in all sizes and shapes. Order today!
Beautiful black sex dolls from California dolls .
Erotic Sex Doll Black Terri
Regular price $1,999.00
Tall Black Teen Sex Dolls by California Dolls™
Tall Black Teen Sex Doll Stella
Regular price $1,999.00
Nude black sex doll revealing her toned curvy body.
Large Breast Black Love Doll Lyla
Regular price $1,999.00
Black sex doll exposing her little perky breast.
Tall Black Sex Doll Devon
Regular price $1,999.00
Slender black sex doll with little round butt.
Tall Sexy Black Doll Beatrice
Regular price $1,999.00
Tall black sex doll stands in doorway.
Tall Attractive Ebony Sex Doll Breyona
Regular price $1,999.00
Tall black sex dolls by California Dolls™
Sexy Black Sex Doll La-Trice
Regular price $1,899.00
Tall slim black sex dolls by California Dolls™
Tall Sexy Black Doll Kaleena
Regular price $1,999.00