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We have an excellent variety of best-selling blonde sex dolls. California Dolls™ are professionally designed and handcrafted with the goal of beauty, quality, value, and function. Our collection of blonde dolls includes a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. We offer both standard and android sex dolls in our Blonde Collection.

Sex doll on knees wearing white sexy outfit.
Love Doll For Sex - Lexi
Regular price $1,395.00
Nude sex doll exposes all pleasure body parts.
A Love Doll - Ashley
Regular price $1,595.00
Exotic passion dolls by California Dolls™
Sex Doll California Kat
Regular price $1,395.00
Blonde sex doll wearing red sexy lingerie.
Blonde Fox Sex Doll Tiffany
Regular price $1,595.00
Doll in bathtub with beautiful little butt exposed.
Blonde Love Sex Dolls - Lisa
Regular price $1,495.00
Nude realistic doll on her knees.
Realistic Love Doll Ella
Regular price $1,595.00
Sexy blonde love dolls from California Dolls™
Sex Doll Fun - Victoria
Regular price $1,395.00
Love Doll Olivia one of the most beautiful sex dolls.
Blonde Sex Doll Olivia
Regular price $1,595.00
Blonde love dolls from California Dolls™
Sexy Blonde Doll Alva
Regular price $1,695.00
Sex doll revealing large perky breast.
Big Tits Sex Doll Beth
Regular price $1,695.00
Tall youthful love doll by California Dolls™
My Sex Doll - Cassie
Regular price $1,795.00
Topless blonde sex doll and gorgeous youthful breast.
Blonde Sex Doll Lovely Chanel
Regular price $1,595.00