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Japanese Sex Dolls Collection

Japanese Sex Dolls are one of our most popular collections. Many men prefer the Japanese female small booty, small firm breast, perky nipples, and sexy looks. Made from the highest quality materials, facial features are handcrafted by the best professionals who pay close attention to details. The skin is smooth and has a soothing effect, the insides are textured, ribbed, and swirled for the most pleasing intercourse and oral fun. Our dolls have detailed ball joint wrists, realistic vagina lips, and anus. Life-like skeleton allows our dolls to pose like a human-being, not restricted to the typical upward-downward, leftward-rightward positions. The improved quality TPE, means she not only looks pretty in pictures but better in real-life! We offer a variety of premium Japanese sex dolls with prices that anyone can effort.  Note: One of our newest Robotic Sex Dolls is an Asian doll.

large breast sex doll kitty
Sex Doll Tall - Kitty
Regular price $1,695.00
Pretty sheer stockings wearing sex doll with fantastic perky boobs.
Dazzling Japanese Sex Doll Nikki
Regular price $998.00
Japanese sex doll by California Dolls.
Intriguing Sex Doll Asian Kokona
Regular price $1,595.00
Japanese sex doll sitting at desk.
Adorable Japanese Sex Doll Yoko
Regular price $1,595.00
Cute Japanese sex doll by California Dolls.
Cute Sex Doll Mayako
Regular price $1,295.00
Fantasy sex doll from California Dolls™
Sex Doll Fantasy - Lucia
Regular price $1,695.00
Torso sex doll from California Dolls™
Torso Sex Doll Kylie
Regular price $950.00
Tall Japanese with long black hair.
Tall Japanese Sex Doll Fuji
Regular price $1,795.00
Pretty Japanese sex doll sits on couch naked.
Asian Teen Sex Doll Maria
Regular price $1,495.00
Small booty Japanese sex dolls by California Dolls™
Small Booty Japanese Sex Doll Ayaka
Regular price $1,595.00
Realistic passion doll with long braided black hair.
Sex Doll Japanese Nicole
Regular price $1,695.00
Asian sex doll wearing thin white short dress.
Japanese Lifelike Love Doll Farrah
Regular price $1,595.00