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New Arrivals is a very popular Collection page at California Dolls™. Fueled by new and better performing creations, the sex doll industries premier manufacturers present their newest creations as they become available. The popularity of sex dolls has steadily grown over the past few years. Much of the increased acceptance can be contributed to the major improvements in design, materials, and construction techniques.

At California Dolls™ we do not manufacture or market cartoon characters, rather our dolls, according to research, represent the most desirable female traits sought by most adult men in a beautiful sex partner.  Check with us often to see our latest models.

Nude sex doll reveals pretty pink vagina.
Tall Busty Doll Skye
Regular price $1,995.00
Real love doll by California Dolls™
Real Sex Doll Peyton
Regular price $1,695.00
Naked sex doll, small tits and perky nipples
Pretty Sex Doll Chastity
Regular price $1,695.00
Lenny is a tall shemale sex doll.
Shemale Sex Doll Tall Lenny
From $2,095.00