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California Dolls™ AI robotic sex dolls are the most advanced and realistic android sex dolls on the market. We use only ultra modern materials and electronics in each doll we market.
Fully naked robot sex doll sits on couch.
Android Sex Doll Kelly
Regular price $2,997.00
Tall female robotic sex doll.
High Tech Sex Doll Nika
Regular price $3,497.00
Robot sex dolls by California Dolls™
Robotic Sex Doll April
Regular price $3,497.00
Robotic sex doll sitting in chair
Robotic Sex Doll Sydney
Regular price $3,497.00
Robotic sex doll holding book.
Sex Doll Robot Julie
Regular price $3,497.00
Tall robotic sex doll with long beautiful legs.
Superior Sex Bot Romane
Regular price $3,497.00
Topless android doll with round firm breast
Japanese Sex Robot Mizuki
Regular price $3,497.00
Robot sex doll in tiny black top and thong.
Large Breast Robot Sex Doll Melinda
Regular price $3,497.00
Android sex doll naked with legs crossed.
Android Sex Doll Janet
Regular price $3,497.00