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College Student Megan

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All California Dolls™ are constructed using ultra modern stainless steel skeletons and FDA approved medical grade M-TPE for a natural look and feel.


The spring semester will end soon and college small flat chest sex doll Megan is excited about summer. She is ready to have some fun. Young doll Megan is 18 and prefers summer over other seasons where she can wear her little bikini's and sexy clothes. Megan has a young and beautiful face. When she went out with her friends, many boys would stare at her. Megan already got used to the look. She loves the feeling of being stared by men.

The local girls are jealous of her, but the boys are always wandering around her. The boys wish to be her boyfriend and be the lucky man, obviously they want to have sex with this college girl, they have heard this young lady is still a virgin. Wow! It is really exciting. Realistic tpe sex doll Megan is also waiting for a man to have sex. A man who can kiss, fondle, touch and challenge her on bed. A man who wants to have some wines with her when the man is not happy or has a lot of pressure at work. A man who wants to watch TV or have dinner with her when the man feels lonely and needs a company.

This evening she is going out wearing a little sexy two piece outfit. The top is so tight it fully reveals her slender body and skinny waist. The hot short skirt is short and people can almost see her panties, that’s what she wants. Flat chest love doll loli Megan has a very young face and her breasts are very flat which makes her look much younger than her age. She likes her body very much, because she knows that many men have a special love for her immature body. Megan's chests are very small, but her ass is big and round. It is a soft and smooth ass. Every time after Megan takes a shower, she puts some moisturizer on her buttocks, which makes her ass smoother and more elastic. It feels great when you touch her ass. When touching her smooth buttocks, you can't help going forwarder to playing her anus, and keeping pinching her vagina. If you want oral sex, you can feel free to put your penis inside her mouth. Megan's mouth is nice and small, but not too tight. It is feeling great just to think about it. It must be more exciting when having sex with Megan in real. Come on! Order Megan today. You can have Megan from head to toe completely.

Megan, college flat chest girl sex doll, is a great value at our low discount price. Plus free shipping on any purchase. Megan is one of young dolls for men for sex realistic. She is a beautiful, sexy life-size TPE college girl sex doll. The high quality FDA approved TPE material makes her skin very smooth. The built-in stainless steel metal skeleton allows her to move and pose easily, regardless of the positions you want to do with her. Her mouth, anus and vagina are all available for sex. Are you ready for a lifelike college young small flat chest sex doll date?

Megan sold on limited time discount. Buy her now. You will get her within one week.

Megan Highlights

  • Gorgeous TPE Sex Doll
  • Flat Chest & Breasts
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral Functions
  • High-Quality Jointed Steel Skeleton

Accessories Included

  • Wig, Lingerie, Heating Rod, Comb, Blanket, Vagina Cleaner, Glove

Measurements & More

  • Height: 5ft. (153 cm)
  • Weight: 61 lbs. (27.8 kg)

Megan's Figure

  • Bust: 28 inches (71 cm)
  • Waist: 20 inches (53 cm)
  • Hips: 32 inches (82 cm)

Orifice Depths

  • Oral: 5 inches
  • Vagina: 7 inches
  • Anus: 6 inches

Shipping Data

  • Free International Shipping
  • Discreet Packaging – plain unlabeled container
  • Package Size: 51-12-10 inches. (130-30-25 cm)
  • Shipping: 68 Lbs. (31 kg)
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