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Sex Dolls Under $999

California Dolls™ offers a great collection of life-size sex dolls under $999. These lifelike sweethearts are premium quality sex dolls with flexible stainless-steel skeletons and manufactured using top grade TPE for a smooth, silky, and durable skin that feels like the real thing.

Lovable from head to toe, right down to her fingertips, California Dolls ™ are carefully created to fulfill fantasies and inspire intimate pleasure on all levels. True lifelike attention to detail and super-soft TPE skin, this ultimate sex doll will make all of your dreams come true! Silky smooth locks will tickle and tease, and their gorgeous eyes will captivate. Open her tender lips to experience the ultimate oral fantasy. Her firm, perky breasts are so real, while her perfect vagina is pleasantly snug and willing to please.