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*Extra eyes not applicable to closed eye models and androids.

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Shipping Policy | California Dolls™

Last update February 28, 2020

California Dolls™ can be shipped anywhere in the world for free. We will send you a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number to track your order as soon as your order ships. All dolls will be discreetly shipped in a plain shipping container for your privacy.

California Dolls™ products are custom manufactured. After we receive and process your order a production request is forwarded to our factory. Once the doll is constructed and passes Quality Control, it is then packaged and shipped. Our goal is to have the product at your door as soon as possible while maintaining high quality standards. Most orders are delivered in 7 to 15 days. 

Due to foreign government regulations, we do not ship to Africa, Indonesia, or Arabic/ Islamic countries such as (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar,...)  For orders outside the United States, we are not able to provide assistance on taxes and duties charged by your country's customs upon reception of the goods.

Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping to your country. 


California Dolls™ products are constructed as detailed on customer's order. After an order is placed it will be processed and cannot be cancelled for any reason. Due to the nature of this product, it is not possible for us to provide an exchange or return as there are multiple concerns such as hygiene. By placing an order with California Dolls the buyer agrees to accept and sign for the package upon delivery. If the buyer refuses to sign or in anyway refuses to accept the package the buyer agrees to pay for unwarranted cost to California Dolls™ including, but not limited to all shipping cost of the product (from factory to customer and return to the factory), a 20% restocking/ handling fee, inspection of the product, attorney fees, etc. If it is identified the doll has been used in any form the doll will be destroyed and no refund forthcoming. Please understand that this is the normal practice within the sex doll industry. 


We take product quality extremely seriously, every doll is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving our factory. If your product or any part is damaged during the shipment process and the container has visible damages you should open a complaint with the shipment carrier as the damage happened during the shipment. After that, please report to us so we can also escalate it. Packages might get scratches during shipment as most products are heavy. Please report to the shipping company if you see visible issues on the box. If, for some reason, extra shipping charges are required, all addition cost will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Product Appearance

Make-up – semi-permanent make-up is applied to your Custom Doll at our factory free of charge and provided as a courtesy for our customers. Every effort is made by our make-up artists to re-create the make-up done by the photographer during the photo session, however it is not guaranteed to match 100%. You will most likely be very happy with your dolls make-up, but in the rare event that you don't like it you can simply remove it with mineral oil (being very careful to avoid eyebrows) and are free to re-apply make-up to your own personal preference.

Skin imperfections – as each doll is hand crafted, there may be very small differences in the skin from one doll to the next. These are completely normal and doll owners usually refer to these as “characteristics” which give their doll a unique feel. Although any major defects are found during our quality control inspection, if you discover anything we may have missed, please let us know. Doll measurements within 3 cm.

Nails – as nails are loosely adhered to the skin to allow each customer to remove, paint and re-attach, we cannot cover loose nails as they are shipped like this for a reason.

Eyelashes – each doll comes with a a protective eye mask as this is a delicate area. If anything becomes loose, simply re-attach using TPE safe glue.


We ensure to provide the best customer experience and our main goal is to help our clients realizing their dreams, if you have any question, we will be pleased to help. Email us at: sales@california-dolls.com