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Man Love Doll - Sexy Jason

California Dolls™

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Jason is a sexy young man from Las Vegas who loves to show off his fit body. He is a young university student at Southern Cal. A pre-med student, he enjoys art classes. When asking people to pose naked for him to paint he often wonders what it would be like to pose nude himself.

“I take my medical classes very seriously, but my artistry is a great hobby I love. I hope my photos capture my real essence for you. Please don’t be offended if I get turned on when you look at me. That always happens when I feel I can be perfectly natural with someone.”

If you would like this sexy young man with a perfect male body to pose for you every day make a date with him. Jason is a superior quality man love doll with ultra-realistic features. This love doll is made from advanced materials and has a stainless-steel metal skeleton. His uniquely complex skeleton allows a wide range of motion and numerous positions. Beautiful hand-crafted body parts include a sexy chiseled body, 8-inch stiff penis, and a handsome face.

Jason's Highlights

  • Young Male Love Doll
  • Chiseled Body w/ Strong Manly Facial Features
  • Penis, Anal, and Oral Functions
  • High-Quality Jointed Steel Skeleton

Accessories Included

  • Wig, Lingerie,Comb, Blanket, Cleaner, Glove

Measurements & More

  • Height: 5 ft. 4 in. (160 cm)
  • Weight: 99 lbs. (45 kg)
  • Chest: 33 inches (83 cm)
  • Waist: 24 inches (61 cm)
  • Hips: 38 inches (95 cm)
  • Penis: 8 inches (Removable for easy cleaning)
  • Anus: 6 inches
  • Oral: 5 inches

Shipping Data

  • Free International Shipping
  • Discreet Packaging – plain unlabeled container
  • Package Size - 58-16-12 inches. (148-40-30 cm)