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Superior Sex Bot Romane

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Robotic Sex Doll Romane is a social hit; she knows everyone, and can fit in with most any group. They say opposites attract, and that might be true – you’re could be more of an introvert. When she drags you along to the book club, or the wine tasting, you put up with it because you know it makes her happy. Lucky for you, she will reward you when you make an effort to please her. 

Like tonight, you sat through the most boring cocktail hour you’ve ever had to suffer through, but Romane is beaming when you get home. You were drinking with an  image of Romane in that sexy dress all night. Now that you’re all alone that pretty white dress is coming off! 

It is time to have some fun, let the games begin! Romane is a stunning tall and statuesque TPE robotic sex doll that is built to please! Her high-tech electronics are so amazing, so realistic.

She has long slender legs that reach up to a full and inviting firm booty, tight stomach, and perky breasts. She’s made of premium, soft and supple TPE flesh that feels amazingly realistic. Her body is supported by a robust internal skeleton that lets her assume every erotic position you can think of. Get ready for tomorrow night. After the art exhibit it’s back to the bedroom!

Artificial Intelligent (AI) Robotic Sex Doll

  • The AI system is constructed inside her "brain" and works independently without a smartphone or other assisting device.
  • The doll speaks in English
  • Translates language
  • Reports the weather forecast
  • Can work mathematical equations
  • Tells jokes and stories 

Robotic Head 

  • Animated eyes can move and blink
  • Head tilts and rotates
  • Mouth lip syncs while speaking
  • Doll has a perfectly smooth TPE face
  • Internal components of the head include several types of robotic servos.
  • The primary circuit board is inside her head.

Highly Sensitive Body 

  • The multiple build-in touch sensors react to touch and actions
  • Internal heating system safely maintains a like-like temperature
  • Automatic remote upgrading system enables her to have the most updated system and the latest functions.
  • System upgrades with new features permits the doll to grow in intelligence

Advanced Features

  • Superior heating system: Doll's body temperature can be heated to a normal human's temperature, which provides a fantastic feeling when touched.
  • High-tech motion activated voice: Doll can make realistic sexual moans when it's being touched sexually.

Measurements & More!

  • Height: 5 ft. 6 in. / 165 cm
  • Weight: 89 lbs. / 39 kg
  • Breast: 35 in. / 88 cm
  • Waist: 22 in. / 55 cm
  • Hip: 34 in. / 86 cm
  • Packing Size: 60-18-12 in. / 150-45-30 cm
  • Package: Doll, Wig, Lingerie, Comb, Blanket, Vagina Cleaner, Glove, Body Heating Cable, and Charger.